We have all been there. We are out for a lovely day with the family. We have paid the extortionate prices to get everyone into the local attraction. You have even managed to pack a picnic. Half an hour in, and someone starts to complain about their shoes hurting. You find yourself digging to the bottom of the rucksack for a plaster to protect the rubbed area. That doesn’t really help, and the day is ruined by whinging and whining. 

Here are a few tips to help avoid shoe related family day out issues! 

Buy decent shoes in the first place

Ok, so its easy to make the decision to not spend to much on shoes for kids in the first place , because they are going to outgrow them in five minutes, right? Wrong. Its a false economy to buy low quality shoes. They will cause you nothing but problems, as well as discomfort and in some cases, worse problems, for your children. However, good quality shoes needn’t cost a fortune. We have found a superb website where you can find outstanding deals on some of the best shoes available. Click here to find out more. 


I have learnt that even when it looks gloriously sunny and dry when we are heading out, that it is a really good plan to have wellies in the car. Some times you are caught out with unexpected muddy conditions, and they are also a great go – to if you are having issues with others shoes rubbing. 

Be Prepared 

Its worth being prepared with plasters, antiseptic wipes and spare socks to cover possible shoe rub issues. Best to be prepared for every eventuality!


I love a flip flop, as much as the next person. There are so many adorable flip flops out there to buy for the little ones. From experience flip flops are have their place. On the beach and around the swimming pool. Don’t even consider putting flip flops on little ones for walking, or play grounds. Not only are they renowned for rubbing little toes after too much walking, they are also lethal if you run in them! #deckedit 

The best place to buy shoes

We have discovered a super website for buying all varieties of shoes for both adults and children. With outstanding savings available on the most sought after brands, including Sketchers, Adidas and Ladybird. Click here to find fantastic savings for yourself. 

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