Royal lunch at Auberge de Centrillon

On our second visit Disneyland Paris, Princess D was three years old, and it was Christmas time. We decided to book a character lunch at Auberge de Centrillon as a special Christmas treat. Fine French dining, where the children are the special guests. What could be better?


Located in Fantasyland, this stunning building catches your imagination the moment you see it.  Upon arrival you are whisked to a grand booth in a majestic medieval banquet hall. The back drop is breath taking, the height of elegance and most apt for the royalty that frequents the hall to dine.

Petrolhead A meets Gus and Jaq

The menu offers the finest French cuisine. Once you are seated and comfortable very special guests come to your table to meet, chat and offer photo opportunities. Oh, and the wine list is very good too.

Princess D was beyond thrilled to dance with Cinderella and sing with Prince Charming. Petrolhead A found the whole thing a bit girly, although he was quietly chuffed to meet Cinderella’s mice, Gus and Jaq, as well as getting two helpings of dessert. Hence all was good with him too.

I highly recommend this if you have a young princess. Make sure she dresses up for the occasion and you have plenty of battery available on your camera.

Making a reservation is a must. You can call the Dining Reservation Service on +33 1 60 30 40 50. 

A link to the current menu and pricing can be found here.